02 November, 2005

want to come over after school?

this friday the 4th, im hosting a listening party at my house. ive got about 70 minutes of aural delicacies, and about 16 ounces of edible delicacies. we will get started at about 9:30 PM. if you want to be extra cool, you might think about bringing one of these for your neck.

call or write for directions.


Blogger brenn said...

I wish I could come! It sounds like such fun. I am so proud of you and miss you so much. It sounds like you are doing incredible things. I made a new blog entry after a period of abstinence. Looking through old photos made me feel like writing. You are one of my only (legitimate) commenters. Be happy young man!

Much love,
Auntie with an Attitude

10:06 PM  

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