21 September, 2005

It's a place where you can call the wrong number and talk for five minutes

I would be doing the assigned reading for my class discussion tommorrow, but I don't want to stop thinking about Long Haul Productions,' "The Lord God Bird"...

Actually, I'm not entirly neglecting my assigned reading. John Grierson writes about good documentartians; "They belive that beauty will come in good time to inhabit the statement which is honest and lucid and deeply felt and which fufills the best ends of citizenship." I think Grierson's sentiments are a mirror to The Lord God Bird.

one love!


Anonymous listeningjo said...

The ivory billed woodpecker of Brinkley... sounds magical... I'll adopt that attitude when hearing this bird's cousin - the West Bloomfield hammerbill that hones its beak on my chimney top every Spring.. endlessly hammering away - reminding me of my son the drummer who played percussion in his band in highschool..
What was the name of that band again?
I found resonance once more, reading your words and experiencing sound through your ears...

10:44 AM  

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