14 September, 2005

Malls of America

Malls suffocate me, I don't really go anymore, and I'd rather not go anytime soon. However, I really want to buy some J CREW flannel lined pants for the winter season.

From the Public Radio Exchage..."We've been playing Jonathan Mitchell's stuff around the office this week, because we like him that much. Three from Jonathan today; two you just have to hear for yourself, and the third is called "City X"; it was commissioned by Hearing Voices and funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. "City X" takes place in a mall, and reviewer Adam Allington said it sounds like "Jonathan might actually be hiding behind a rack of Gap jeans with a microphone." Adam also calls it "a marvelous piece of documentary storytelling."

To listen to "City X" you first have to listen to the less than 2-minute pieces. I think its worth it!

Terminally Blond (1:51), The Sopranos in the West Wing (1:29) and City X (22:32)


Blogger brenn said...

I can see that we are related. Malls suffocate me too!! Although once in awhile I am in the mood to be suffocated. I love your insights into music and life.

Your crazy Michigan Aunt
(How you know ME?)

9:20 PM  

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