13 September, 2005

I've got the goods?

many thanks to sodamphat123 for the juice!

Sodamphat123: i have a story about ira glass for you

Zuh54: did you sleep with him?

Sodamphat123: close, but no. me and my bro went to see him in the opening night gala of this theatre festival in chicago it was a bunch of vignettes and he was in one...well basically he just did his radio show on stage so it was a really small theatre too...and intermission came, before ira went on (he was the finale) and i asked my bro to get me a cookie at the refreshment stand

Sodamphat123: so he went and when he got back he says "claire, this really weird guy mocked me at the counter. when i said "hey, you giving away those cookies?" i heard an echo. i hear some guy say immediately after me, "hey you giving away those cookies?" isn't that weird? was he making fun of me?"" so my bro looks at him, not knowing who he was at this point because he's never actually seen ira glass...only heard him. and ira refuses to make eye contact.

Sodamphat123: now we’re back at our seats, and my brother points out this guy two rows ahead of us the one who supposedly mocked him. Then the finale comes, they introduce ira glass, and this very guy, the one who mocked my bro gets up! SO, ira glass basically played the shadow game with my brother for one sentence and we still cant figure out why or if it was mean spirited


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