15 October, 2005

Neal Pollack Takes on America

Two summers ago I read The Neil Pollack Anthology of American Literature.

This piece from Transom.org
is about the experimental, self-funded book tour he went on with his wife a while ago. Captured within the book and this radio piece is spontaneity, belching, beer, love, creativity, hope, gucci, venice beach and middle-aged woman. I tried to listen to this while falling asleep, but I was laughing too hard. Take this aural journey through the western united states and feel elated and joyful that

a) the Pollack book was written and published in the first place
b) a radio producer spent many many hours creating such an awesome audio artifact
c) you're alive!


Anonymous beatlemom said...

I remember this and in my mind and heart the devastation brings tears to my eyes twenty years later. I was pregnant with your sister, wearing my rose colored velvet zip up robe that was tight on my belly.I worried about our world and the future of my unborn child in this crazy world. Your father and I wept openly and sat dumbfounded while listening to reports on the tv about the shooting of our beloved John. You honor his memory by including this in your blog and I thank you.

3:11 PM  

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