09 November, 2005

glass onion

I was the only one home so I assumed that since I wasn't talking, watching TV, or listening to music, I was surrounded by near-silence. Shortly thereafter, the heat shut-off (I wasn't conscious of the emitted sound until it shut off) and another layer of sound was peeled away. My computer then went into sleep mode, and I was one more step closer to silence. I understand that there really is no way to rid my world of all sounds, but those quiet moments in my day are very important to me and probably lessening by the day.

spring break 06!?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I learned yesterday that when ears are damaged due to prolonged exposure to loud music and/or other sounds, it becomes impossible to experience silence as you once knew it. Basically, there is always a sound like tape hiss in your ears that obviously becomes more noticable when it's quiet.

Even more interesting: Because these sounds are due to vibrations in the hairs in your inner ear, it is potentially possible for another person to put their ear up to yours which would cause their ear hairs to vibrate too and they could essentially "hear" the sound in your ear.

Just a few fun facts from Jenn Smith.

12:24 AM  
Blogger Muzachary said...

whoa! im about to find some lobes!

6:15 PM  

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