22 February, 2006

let's get comfy

This will the be the first of many reminders/announcements about the event I have been thinking about for a while

WHERE: John Waldron Arts Center, in the Rose Firebay Room.

WHEN: Sunday, March 26

WHAT TIME: 7:30pm

HOW MUCH?: donations wholeheartedly accepted but far from required!

SO, WHAT AM I COMING TO SEE...I MEAN, HEAR : The Finding Resonance Collective and John Waldron Arts Center will host an evening of sonic explorations ranging from unedited field recordings to richly layered audio art. Bring your pillows and blankets and neighbors to listen to the sounds of irrigation systems in Southeast Asia, a diary of one teenager's bout with obesity, live, blissful folk music and more. The event is free. So are you!

Pure Student Radio will be running this radio spot in the coming weeks


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