29 April, 2009

Melodramatic Popular Song

I've been pretty disappointed with the quality of Ben Folds' output since his Sunny 16 EP six years ago. I'm left wondering if I've grown out of my love for him, or if his songs are actually less inspired than they used to be. Yesterday he released his latest album, which is actually a compilation of University A Capella groups singing some of my favorite Folds songs (Not the Same, Boxing, Selfless, Cold, and Composed, Army...) The Wall Street Journal wrote about it this weekend.

I was feeling cynical about the effort after reading the WSJ article, and even after hearing "Not The Same" performed by The Spartones from Greensboro, North Carolina on the BF myspace page.

But then I watched this video of The Spizzwinks (?) singing "Landed," and most of my ill-will towards Folds and the new A Capella album evaporated.


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