12 April, 2009

Atoms, Motion & and the Void

Now that I'm pretty much settled back into the D, I'm gonna steer this blog back towards its original function of highlighting "sounds and chronicles from the world we walk in."

Not only is Atoms, Motion & the Void the best podcast title I've ever heard, but it's also one of the best, certainly the most original and moving, audio series I've ever come across. But I don't think its fair to only compare this stuff to other podcasts/audio. It's so moving and evocative that it transcends the medium, I think.

I was introduced to the Sleeves saga when Re:Sound devoted an entire show to Sherwin Sleeves and the character's creator, writer/producer/stay-at-home dad, Sean Hurley. I think that might be the best introduction to the project.

I find Atoms, Motion & The Void to be timeless in a way few other things are.

You can and should subscribe to the AMV podcast on Itunes. It will lull you to sleep and remind you why stories are the best thing we have.


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