10 January, 2009


In preparing for India, Shira and I were talking (over e-mail) about how we'd rather spend more time in a handful of places, than get to more cool-seeming cities, while spending more time in transit in the 30-45 days we'll be in the country. This point was rammed home as Jordan and I made our way from Krakow, where we had just spent less than 3 days, back to his village in the south of Ukraine. Here's the transit rundown.

1) 4-hour train from Krakow, Poland to Presmysl, Poland.

2) 20-minute bus ride from Presmysl to the border of Poland and Ukraine.

3) 1-mile walk from bustop to the actual border. Luckily, a Polish born, Ukrainian dwelling Opera singer led us to this checkpoint.

4) 20-minute bus ride from border to a nearby town.

5) 1-hour taxi ride with the opera singer, and an english teacher from Toronto whom we met in step-2, to Lviv, Ukraine (This leg cost us less than 8 dollars each).

6) 15-minute tram ride from Lviv Train Station towards our hostel.

7) 2-minute walk towards our hostel after the tram broke down.

8) 4-minute taxi ride towards our hostel after we got lost.

9) 6-minute walk to the hostel after our cabbie couldn't get by a road block.

10) (After a night's sleep at our Lviv Hostel) Taxi to the Lviv train station.

11) 23-hour train ride from Lviv to Dzhnky.

12) 1-hour bus from Dzhnky to Jordan's town, Krasnoperekopsk.

13) 1-mile walk from Krasnoperekopsk Bus Station to Jordan's Apt.

Having seen all the steps we took to get home, it might look like a gratuitous and unrewarding trip, but, it was actually just the opposite. Our fun came within, and between the varying legs of the trip, and in each other's company just as much, if not more, than the sights we saw.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have always been able to find fun in the most unusual places. Glad to read you are continuing to explore and be entertained by the little things. Your photos are wonderful, truly artistic and humorous. It's nice to 'meet' your friends and view the scenic highway you are on. I'm pleased to see your face up close - you appear to be happy, joyful, pensive, content.... and knowing you are wearing my hat gives me pleasure too! You are a treasure to us all back in here cold Michigan...Thank you for providing the warmth. love love love. jomama

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