24 April, 2006

"I came out of my dad's penis"

What do I love? What do I really love to talk about and laugh about? I love talking about pooping and peeing. I love honesty whilst discussing bowel movements. No, I don't need to hear nasty details and logistics of a certain bowel performance. But I love the discussion that surrounds discomfort, awkwardness, pressure... The Podcast I most look forward to listening to on a regular basis is Love and Radio. This weeks episode deals with my true loves. Talking and toilets. Stories and shitting. Pontificating and pooping. Love and Radio. If you have spent quality time with me, I think you'll really enjoy this podcast.

Much love...and radio


Anonymous u rin A shun said...

Well then you'll love tonight's episode of the office... the word urine was spoken several times.

8:49 PM  
Blogger Muzachary said...

i'd love to watch it, but its tv. turnoff week!!!!

10:30 PM  
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