11 March, 2006


A couple years ago, Yoni and I were driving to Tennessee in the middle of the night while listening to Hem's album "Rabbit Songs." It was probably around 3:00 a.m., and as their lyric, "a man is walking on the highway" was uttered, Yoni and I both looked to our right to see a man, with a large backpack walking on the highway, directly to our right.

Yesterday afternoon, I was driving home from Bloomington by myself. After I finished my catfish sandwich and coffee at a Cracker Barrel near Fort Wayne, I gassed up my mobile, and was once again on my way. I began listening to Illinois: Sufjan Stevens Invites You To Come On Feel The Illinoise,and as I approached a sign for Decater, Indiana, Sufjan's heartbreaking song about stepmoms, "Decater" came on my Ipod!

Five minutes ago, I was typing an e-mail to my friend about taking chances while half-watching/listening to Dave Matthews Band on VH1's Storytellers. As I typed the last couple sentences of the e-mail, the band began to play "Ants Marching." As I was trying to articulate my sentiments about vulnerability, Dave sang, "TAKE THESE CHANCES!."


Anonymous beshertmama said...

kiddo, you have the knack of observation and the luck of being in the right place at the right time to receive the message.. Now deciphering the message is the key... think deeply as to why you are having these experiences and only you will have the answers that unlock your truth.. But know... you have it,,, it's in your realm... and future leaders are born of a lot less. Take what you learn and teach the rest of the world to see, to hear and to know.
bless you and your soul on our world!

8:45 PM  

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