02 August, 2011

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Well, the food is definitely better in India, but Bolivia has still got it goin´ on in its own unique, South American way.

Shira and I have just returned from the Amazon Basin region of Bolivia, where we spent a few days with the indigenous-run, Mashaquipe Eco-http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifTourism project, which, according to their website,

¨should help to conserve their culture and environment and give them a earning to improve the situation of their life and enable the education and apprenticeship of their children. They have the only tourism office in Rurrenabaque which is organized by the indígenas themselves and that's profits are exclusively used to improve their situation.¨

To get there, we flew on a tiny 18-seat plane from La Paz to Rurrenbaque. From there, we boarded a wooden motorboat and cruised 3-hours in a river to our camp in the jungle. Our gorgeous little cabin was made entirely from native trees and built entirely and masterfully by the people running the program, all of whom were born and raised nearby.

Our guides taught us how to make rings out of coconut seeds and how to treat both basic and serious ailments with infusions and tonics made from native plants and barks. We were humbled and energized by their ingenuity.


Now we´re back in La Paz. Tomorrow, we leave for a 3-day trekking adventure.


Blogger DeDe said...

Hey Zak and Shira,

So happy to read your blog again.I am looking forward to Bolivia learning over the next month and following your adventures .

And by the way did I tell you how I still haven't stopped talking about your wedding and how much fun I had and how I loved seeing you together all night sharing that special look, it must be love.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you are having such a unique experience!! It sounds just wonderful...you must take good notes on the ways to heal us baby boomers! I took, keep blabbing about your love filled wedding! Lovign you from afar!
Auntie b

8:44 PM  

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