01 August, 2006

They’re talking. But I don’t understand what they’re saying.

Today is a slow day at the office. For this reason, I'm able to listen to things such as a 45-minute documentary about an Italian, Alessandro Bosetti, who brought some experimental electro-acoustic music from the west to Mali and Burkina Faso. There, he asked random West Africans to listen to the seemingly foreign tones. He then recorded their reaction to the music he loves. The piece is called, "African Feedback." It was arranged chronologically, but it doesn't sound in anyway conventional. In addition to the voices/reactions, he added some of his own piano and percussion music.

Click on this sentance to listen to African Feedback.


Blogger Mary P said...

im in love with the picture of that woman. her smile is so pleasant.

1:51 PM  

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