03 September, 2012


Shira and I just returned from a glorious 10-days in Europe.  5 in Berlin, 5 in Amsterdam.  Having only traveled to the Third World together, it was, frankly, a relief and real joy to vacation in a place with ample toilet paper, clean drinking water, paved roads, and English speakers. 

Here's a brief primer of our time in Amsterdam with some of our photos.


The most stunning part of Amsterdam is the role bicycles play in the city.  It's not as if the city planners have simply accommodated cyclists by installing lanes.  Instead, bikes are the PRIMARY mode of transportation here.  In many areas, the bike lanes are more like bike roads, where they have as much, if not more space than car lanes.  We saw old ladies, young fathers, small children and everyone in between on bicycles.  

Heaven on Earth.

On our last day in Amsterdam, we took an amazing bike-trip north of the city, where we rode through quaint, Dutch farming villages and ended up on Marken Island.


  ("I'm a happy cow.")


(Shirski is excited about the cheese)

(Carrot/Apple Juice)
(Spinach and cheese pancake!)
(Strawberry pankcake)

On our last night in town, we stayed with an extremely generous and smart journalist in the city's Northeast side.  She just wrote this book about her experience working as a conductor on Amsterdam's tram-system.

Naturally, we cooked her shakshuka for dinner.  She had never had it before.


Of all the Holocaust-related sights we saw in Amsterdam and Berlin, the Anne Frank house was the most poignant.   To walk through the annex, to read her diary, to touch their sink...We were reminded again why Anne Frank is one of the great heroes and voices of humanity.

 Vondelpark is like Amsterdam's Central Park. 

(Hannah and her friends)
(Coolest kid's slide of all time)

Getting Around.

(Despite Shira being very good with maps, Amsterdam was difficult to navigate.)

(This nice fella looks like his dog)

(Entering the Red Light District)

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities we've ever seen.  The Dutch were extremely friendly.  Their architecture is stunning, their canals plentiful, and their weather perfect (coming from boiling Tel Aviv).


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