19 March, 2007


I think well-being and frequency of blog posts in my life are mutually exclusive. I haven't posted in about a month. So, I haven't shown my face in the blogosphere or the regular world sphere. I have however been listening to some wonderful and inspired audio work.

jesse thorn's the sound of young america is a weekly hour long show about things that are awesome. he produces it out of his living room. he interviews awesome people like vendala vida, michael showalter, amy sedaris, bob edwards, and a guy that wrote a book about jay z. i've been listening to jesse late at night and early in the morning. i think he's only about 25.

the third coast festival is currently exhibiting some really bizarre pieces about hair

what would rob do as well as the newest love and radio make me smile

i just listened to a sean cole story about animals and creativity. he's VERY good and makes me want to get better at making radio.

mike ludwig took the photo you see up there. he nice


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Oh my little koala

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