25 August, 2005

Curb and Hannah and Her Sister

Tonight my mom and I watched Curb Your Enthusiasm; the “Benadryl Brownie” episode…

Synopsis: "About five years after the rest of the world, Larry enters the world of cell phones. Using his new toy, he calls Cheryl and asks her to tell Randy, the chef at his new restaurant, to omit peanuts from the dinner that night because Richard Lewis' new girlfriend, Deborah, is allergic to them. But bad phone reception prevents Cheryl from hearing the message, and Deborah gets sick. A practicing Christian Scientist, she refuses to take medicine to clear up the hives on her face. Richard will not be seen with her at the Emmys that night looking like this, so he and Larry concoct a plan to bake a batch of Benadryl brownies for her to eat. The ruse fails, and that night on TV, the Davids (along with millions of others) see Joan Rivers lambasting Richard and his none-too-attractive date on the red carpet.”

Needless to say, we were overjoyed and amazed at this episode (as we are after almost all Curbs) My mom started singing the infectious and unforgettable theme music ("Frolic") after the show ended. I joined in, and soon enough we had another project on our hands! After recording all of the vocals for the piece, we took a walk, and to our surprise the bats and crickets were singing "Frolic" too! I grabbed my mics and captured the night song and soon added it to the mix.


The other piece posted here is the birthday tribute we made for Hannah at the beginning of the summer. Below is the e-mail I sent to several of you upon finishing the piece in July

Loved Ones,

If you know my family, you know that Hannah is a part of it. I have grown up loving and hanging out with my dog. I felt that putting together an audio tribute for Hannah's 15th b-day would be a special present for both her and all of you. Although she won't be able to hear it (you'll soon learn why), I think she figured I was up to something when I approached her snout with my microphone. I think my momma beautifully captured Hannah's spirit in her monologue. The piece is only five minutes long, take some time out of your day/night and listen in a quiet environment.


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